FIFA World Cup Rankings: Top Teams Of The World!

The newest FIFA men’s national team rankings were just announced. With the 2022 FIFA World Cup now less than eight weeks away, a lot will happen over the next two months in the FIFA rankings in the world.

Traditional football powerhouses continue to dominate the top FIFA rankings in the world. There are still top international teams that aren’t in the top 10, including Germany. Germany is now ranked 11th and has not been doing very well. The United States remains in 14th position, drawing closer to Uruguay. 

Let’s get in and check out where each national team stands in the FIFA World Rankings.

  • Denmark (1665.47) Ranked Tenth.

With 11.87 points accrued since March, Denmark jumped nine spots to tenth place in June. After a 2-0 victory against France in the UEFA Nations League, Denmark is currently performing well and has a chance to go even more when FIFA reveals its next set of rankings.

However, this setback followed a disappointing 2-1 defeat to Croatia. It’s undeniable that Denmark is becoming a significant force in international football.

  • At #9, Portugal Has 1678.65 points.

The current Portugal team has impressive depth, and they have three competitive teams’ worth of talent available at any time. They have a unique collection of all-stars and are predicted to compete well. With a total of 1678.65 points, Portugal is ranked ninth in the world by FIFA. Cristiano Ronaldo is expected to retire after the 2022 FIFA World Cup.

  • Netherlands Placed Eighth With 1679.41 Points

The Netherlands are a fascinating squad to watch, and they made the most progress from March to June. They gained as much as 20.75 positions, moving from 10th to 8th. The Dutch national team has a chance to move up in the UEFA Nations League rankings after recent victories against Poland (2-0) and Belgium (1-0) in September.

  • Seventh Place, Italy, Has 1713.86 Points.

Italy lost 9.45 points between March and June 2022 due to their inability to qualify for the World Cup and following a 3-0 loss to Argentina in the 2022 Finalissima. Currently, they are at number seven in the FIFA World Cup rankings.

In their most recent UEFA Nations League match, Italy defeated England by 1-0. They have an upcoming game against Hungary, and a victory there would earn them some much-needed points that may help them move up the standings.

  • Spain Is In Sixth Place With 1716.93 Points.

In recent years, Spain has made great strides in reclaiming its position as a global power. From March to June, they were able to advance above the faltering Italian team thanks to a pair of draws against Portugal and the Czech Republic.

Since then, Spain has played just one game, a 1-0 loss to Switzerland. They’ll play Portugal again soon, and if they lose, they might slip a few places in the standings and find themselves again in second place behind Italy.

  • Fifth-Placed England (1737.46)

England’s last match lost 24.25 points, but they still managed to hold on to the fifth position. Since the end of March, the Three Lions have not performed well on the international scene, and they have lost their last five games and are winless in that span.

Gareth Southgate’s squad lost their most recent UEFA Nations League match against Italy by 1-0. Their last game of this international break is against Germany, and their chances of winning don’t seem significant.

  • #4 France, With 1764.85 Points

France dropped the most points among the top 25 countries in the FIFA World Rankings between March and June, and they suffered losses of up to 25 players, dropping them to fourth place. In September, Les Bleus played Austria in their inaugural UEFA Nations League match, and they came away with a 2-0 victory.

Their following 2-0 defeat at the hands of Denmark, though, has made them seem weak again. The team led by Didier Deschamps, which seemed unbeatable only a few years ago, has recently shown several signs of weakness.

  • Third-Place Argentina: 1770.65 Points.

In the six months between March and June, Argentina accumulated 5.52 points, enough to dislodge France and secure a position in the top three. La Albiceleste hasn’t played much football since their June victories against Italy (3-0 in the Finalissima) and Estonia (5-0). They just won a friendly match against Honduras by 3-0, and their last game of this international break will be against Jamaica.

  • Belgium At Second With 1821.92 Points

For three consecutive years, Belgium topped the FIFA World Cup rankings. When March rolled along, they dropped to second place and have been there ever since. As the current international break continues, Belgium defeated Wales in their first UEFA Nations League encounter.

However, in their recent match, they lost to the Netherlands by 1-0. Due to their lead over Argentina in third place, Belgium is expected to maintain their runner-up status for some time.

  • #1 Brazil, With 1837.56 Points

Brazil’s perfect record in the CONMEBOL World Cup Qualifying Tournament propelled them to the top of the FIFA Rankings. Brazil continues to hold the top spot and probably will for some time. The five-time World Cup champions recently won a friendly match against Ghana by a 3-0. On September 27, they will play Tunisia in their last international break match.

Final Words

These are all the details you need to know about the  FIFA rankings in the world and which teams dominate these rankings. Any budding FIFGA fan must know these to express their passion for football.

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