Top 10 Interesting Facts About The 2022 Qatar World Cup

Qatar is hosting the FIFA World Cup, the most famous football tournament in the world, for the first time in the Middle East. Starting in the dead of winter in 2022, the event will conduct a month-long carnival in the Middle East’s most recognisable country.

However, the 2022 World Cup is unlike any other in football history for several reasons. Let’s examine some of the most intriguing features that will set the 2022 Qatar World Cup apart from all others.

The 2022 Qatar World Cup is Anticipated To Be Held In The Wintertime And In The Northern Hemisphere

Here are some fun tidbits regarding the 2022 Qatar world cup. The first-ever winter World Cup will be held in the Northern Hemisphere in 2022. Since the southern hemisphere suffers from winter throughout the summer, the World Cup was traditionally held there. But when Qatar is involved, things become complicated. Qatar, located in the Middle East, has temperatures that sometimes exceed 50 degrees Celsius. No World Cup of any type could be held there.

The FIFA World Cup had to be relocated from its traditional summer slot to the winter to account for the weather in Qatar. That meant it was the first time the World Cup was held in the Northern Hemisphere during the winter. To add some intrigue, the 2022 World Cup final is slated for December 18.

The 2022 Qatar World Cup Hoped To Be The Most Lucrative Tournament Ever


Qatar is investing a lot of money in preparation for the 2022 World Cup. Construction of stadiums, highways, hotels, and other infrastructure in Qatar is estimated to have cost upwards of $200 billion. As a result, the 2022 FIFA World Cup in Qatar will be among the most costly tournaments ever held.

The 2022 Qatar World Cup Has The Least Number Of Stadiums Ultised.

The volume of venues for the 2022 Qatar world cup is another first. Qatar has eight stadiums ready for FIFA 2022, the fewest in recent memory. Only one of the eight chosen arenas underwent extensive renovations before hosting the championship; the other seven were brand-new constructions. Argentina was the first nation to hold the FIFA World Cup with less than eight venues, doing so back in 1978. Qatar has one less stadium than we have.

The 2022 Qatar World Cup Has The Record Highest Number Of Visitors

The anticipated influx of tourists to Qatar for FIFA 2022 is one of the most intriguing aspects of the tournament. By the time the 2022 Qatar World Cup is through, attendance will likely have set a new high.

The logic for this is obvious. Doha, Qatar, is not only one of the greatest nations in the Middle East, but it is also strategically placed near the geographical centre of the globe. As a result, when the 2022 World Cup begins, a massive influx of tourists from all over the globe is anticipated.

It’s worth noting that Qatar Airways and Hamad International Airport are teaming together to bring in a massive influx of tourists. For the whole month, there will be 1,300 flights each day to Qatar.

The 2022 Qatar World Cup Is In One Of The Best Cities.

As has been said, Qatar is expected to see an influx of tourists unprecedented in its history due to the FIFA World Cup. The 2022 Qatar world cup is also notable since it is easily accessible by public transportation. What about domestic relocation, though? So, let me point out this one thing. The state of Qatar is relatively small and far smaller than Russia, which will host the 2018 World Cup.

This nation is so compact that getting from one location to another is a breeze. Doha, Lusail, Al Wakrah, and Al Rayyan are just a few of the conveniently adjacent host cities. As a result, getting to commute won’t be a significant hassle for vacationers.

After the start of the World Cup in Qatar, the Doha Metro will play a significant part in fan transportation, along with local taxis like Karwa. About a million passengers will use the metro system during the World Cup in Qatar.

Experts predicted this figure might rise much higher, setting a new record. On the other hand, the farthest-flung stadiums in Qatar, Al Bayt and Al Wakrah, are just around 90 miles apart. Interestingly, the Doha Metro line links all World Cup sites.

The 2022 Qatar World Cup Is Featuring Fan Zone Drinks.

Qatar has spared no effort in preparing for FIFA 2022, and fan zones will play a significant role in the event’s success. There has been too much speculation and talking regarding the accessibility of alcoholic beverages in Qatar during the World Cup. Although supporters are not now able to purchase alcohol at the stadium, Qatar has developed a plan that could work.

Fan zones throughout the nation will provide discounted drinks to attendees. This will be the general idea of the Qatar World Cup, where spectators can watch the games live from the fan zone and buy inexpensive items.

The 2022 Qatar World Cup Stadium Is Centrally Air Conditioned.

The fact that daytime temperatures in Qatar are consistently among the world’s highest makes it a prime candidate to host the 2022 FIFA World Cup. It would be practically impossible to host the World Cup in the summer, when temperatures may soar to over 50 degrees Celsius, but moving it to the winter has helped keep the peace. Still, do we think this resolves the issue?

When it comes to winter, though, even the midday temperatures may be relatively high. As a result, Qatar now has a plan to deal with this issue. The nation will host the first-ever World Cup in an air-conditioned arena. Every one of the eight venues will have state-of-the-art climate control systems to ensure that spectators are always comfortable.

The 2022 Qatar World Cup Is Bridging The Cultural Disparity Between Europe And The Middle East

Europe and the Middle East nations will put their cultural differences aside for the duration of the 2022 World Cup in Qatar. This is a chance and moment to bridge the gap between the two communities and facilitate shared enjoyment. Indeed, Qatar put in a lot of work, and observing the outcomes after the World Cup will be fascinating.

The 2022 Qatar World Cup Is The Second Time FIFA Is Happening In Asia.

Since the tournament’s inception in 1930, only once before has it been held in Asia; in 2022, Qatar will make history as the first Middle Eastern nation to host the World Cup. It was a historical moment when Japan and South Korea held the first-ever Asian FIFA tournament in 2002. As the first Middle Eastern nation to host the tournament, Qatar has every reason to celebrate FIFA 2022.

The 2022 Qatar World Cup Is Full Of Fan Hospitality

Has anybody ever experienced the famous Arab hospitality of Qatar? This nation continues to stun visitors with its warm and welcoming Arab hospitality. All of Qatar’s hotels, parks, and malls are built with tourists’ ease and satisfaction in mind.

Final Words

Remember these exciting facts about the 2022 Qatar world cup and flaunt your knowledge about the upcoming and most awaited FIFA World Cup.

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